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George Harris

George Harris

George Harris is better known as "El George Harris", was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He is a social communicator, actor, presenter, a comedian and influencer.

His studies

Harris studied at the Central University of Venezuela (UCB), and in 2002 he obtained a degree in Social Communication.

TV in Venezuela

When he was a child he used to watch soap operas and programs of channels such as RCTV and Venevisión. He later had the opportunity to participate in some programs of these same channels that enjoy great recognition in this country.

George as an immigrant

The influencer left his country due to the political situation.

Harris arrived in Madrid, Spain where he worked in the customer service position in the Madrid subway, after a while, he managed to act in the Spanish channels Antena 3 and TVE.

He returned to Venezuela and was part of the program La Pareja Dispareja of RCTV International; then he participated in some short films and movies, such as Venezzia, Miranda Regresa, and Elipsis.

He returned to Spain to premiere his own show, entitled ¿Quién se quiere ir?, a production that became a success and was transitioned to Venezuela.

A definitive goodbye

In 2011, Harris moved to Miami, USA, where he also started his own show entitled ¿Quién quiere ir?. Many people close to him told him that his content was not going to work in this country, that he was not going to see results, because "You are very Venezuelan and people will not understand, what is chévere cambur", he confesses that at first it was not easy, since the presentations were attended by about 8 or 10 people; But little by little and without giving up George Harris succeeded and quite a lot, his show became so popular that he began to fill the theater and then he had to move to another place due to the number of people who wanted to enter this show. Simply wonderful!

Currently "THE GEORGE HARRIS SHOW" (because that's the name of his show), is presented at the Flamingo Theatre Bar, also located in Miami, where each presentation is a Sould Out, George Harris mounts much of his presentation by segments on his YouTube channel, with a duration of 10 minutes to 20 minutes, on this platform has 381 thousand subscribers and reaches 250 thousand reproductions.


He has a Podcast, called "George a la carte", where the environment is a renowned restaurant in Miami, always accompanied by two to three other diners, usually celebrities like Viviana Gibelli, Migbelis Castellanos, Sascha Fitness, Víctor Drija, Jean Mary Curro, among others; in the programming, they address various topics and try various Venezuelan junk food dishes taken to the gourmet style throughout the program. Super cool!

His networks

George Harris has incredible charisma, his sense of humor is sensational, be sure to follow him on social networks, on Instagram you can find him as @elgeorgeorgeharris where he has 1.1 million followers, and on Twitter as @ElGeorgeHarris with 147 thousand followers.


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