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Geneva Ayala

Geneva Ayala

Geneva Ayala is best known as being the ex-girlfriend of the late rapper XXXTentacion. [1]

Personal Life

Growing up, Ayala's mother wasn't interested in kids.

Her father was busy with others.

At the age of four Ayala moved in with her grandmother in Miami, where she cycled through grade schools to escape bullying. At twelve, she returned to the home of her mother. [1]

When Ayala was sixteen years old her mother stopped paying for the electricity, then water, and ordered Ayala to move out.

Her mother was pregnant, moved in with her boyfriend, and left Ayala behind.


Ayala home-hopped and stayed with neighbors, occasionally staying at a motel her uncle owns in Hollywood, Florida, with her grandmother, and in parks when necessary. [1] She worked overtime at a Pizza Hut to pay for food and incidentals. [1]

Relationship with XXXTentacion

Ayala first met Onfroy in November 2014.

In an interview with Miami New Times, she details her relationship and the alleged domestic abuse she suffered. [1]

A GoFundMe campaign started by Ayala to help raise funds for her surgery to recover from the injuries she sustained has raised over $30,000, exceeding the initial $25,000 goal.


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