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Genele Laird

Genele Laird

Genele H Laird is an 18 year old resident of Madison, Wisconsin.

In June 2016, Genele was at East Towne Mall where she accused a Taco Bell employee of stealing her cell phone. Mall security tried to get her to leave, but she refused to leave until she got her cell phone back. She made death threats to mall security.

Police escorted her out of the mall and she resisted arrest and also spit into an officer's eye.

At that point, the officers requested backup, tackled her to the ground and began punching her.

They pinned her on the ground and ignored her screaming that she could not breathe and began to tase her in the arm and leg.

They then put a bag over her head.

A bystander with online name RichBoy Robinson posted a video of Genele's arrest to Facebook. The video has gone viral and there is a major outcry against the brutality of police conduct in Genele's arrest.


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