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Gemmel Moore

Gemmel Moore

Gemmel Artae "Juelz" Moore (January 14, 1991 - July 27, 2017) [3] was a male prostitute who was found dead inside the home of Democratic Party donor Ed Buck. His family remembers him as someone who always helped out at home and for having a great sense of humor. [4] [1]

Early Life

Gemmel Moore was the oldest child of LaTisha Nixon, a single mother who worked two jobs.

In an interview with Ashlee Marie Preston for The Advocate Latisha said, "He was like a father figure. He helped me alot with cleaning the house and cooking for his siblings as I worked 2 fulltime jobs." Latisha also said that Moore was always well known for his sense of humor. [4]


On July 27, 2017, 26-year-old Gemmel Moore died of a methamphetamine overdose in Buck's home in West Hollywood, California. [666666] [2]

Gemmel's mother found out that he was a sex worker through his friend who is also in the industry.

They both shared Buck as a client.

[666666] [2]

Several witnesses and a journal entry from Moore gave accounts of Buck's core kink — getting black men high beyond their limits while berating them with the “N” word.

In some accounts, Buck is accused of forcibly injecting the young men with lethal doses of meth and/or heroin himself — until they were on the precipice of an overdose.


In March 2019, Timothy Dean, a second gay black man was found dead in Ed Buck's home from a methamphetamine overdose. [5]


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