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Geary Danley

Geary Danley

Geary Danley is an American who on October 1, 2017 was falsely indentified as the perpetrator of the Mandalay Bay Resort Shooting by a variety of media outlets.[9]



He was misedentified as the gunman behind the 2017 Las Vegas shooting by users on 4chan in the politically incorrect thread. Shorttly therafter, Geary's daughters stated that they received death threats because of their connection to Marilou Danley. His daughters released a statement that they want people to know that social media has spun this out of control and jumped to conclusions that their father was involved.[8]

The users of 4 chan named Geary Danley as the shooter who opened fire claiming that Danley was a far Left Wing loon', a Social Democrat, and was anti-Donald Trump, based on his likes and interest in his Facebook profile.

The comments were picked up by several blogs and news sites, including an article by the Right Wing political website, the Gateway Pundit. The false news was also incorrectly posted by an anonymous editor on Everipedia but was quickly corrected by other community members to clear Geary Danley's name from any allegations.

Hollywood LA News

Hollywood LA News reported in October 2017 that an Everipedia editor had reported Geary Danley as being responsible for the shooting, which occurred from a hotel room at the Mandalay Bay.[7] Eventually the real perpetrator was identified as Stephen Craig Paddock, a companion of his former wife Marilou Danley, whom he divorced in 2014.

Many users then searched for his name on Google. It's algorithms traced the original source of the story back to the 4chan message board and posted a link to it in the Top Stories section. Geary Danley was in his seventies at the time of the incident.


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