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Gbeminiyi Eboda

Gbeminiyi Eboda

Gbeminiyi Eboda is a life coach, trainer, an inspirational speaker, and inventive writer.

He is notable for teaching upward mobility strategies and principles through several platforms which include TV, radio and new media.[0]

He is the Lead Pastor at HarvestHouse Christian Center – a dynamic congregation with a mandate to raise models and empower saints in order to fulfill their God-ordained destinies.

The Church which started from Nigeria with branches in both the commercial and administrative capitals of the country, now has satellite churches in South Africa, Ghana, and the United Kingdom.[0]

He is the president of a consulting company: ‘Ecclesia Consulting’ – an organization that is set out to empower Church workers and Pastors for effective ministry.

He is also the convener and host of a yearly life-changing conference – “Move Your World”, where he teaches upward mobility strategies and principles required to move from a life of survival through that of success to significance.

This conference has been hosted in both the northern and southern parts of Nigeria, as well as in other countries such as UAE, South Africa, and the UK.

His relevance cuts across the subject of leadership, capacity building, peak performance, financial intelligence, and spiritual effectiveness.[0]

His books, Accelerate Your Success Rate, You Are More Than This and Achievers’ Gold Mine, among others, have been a source of transformation in people’s lives across the globe in different languages.

These books have continued impacting lives in tangible and remarkable ways, bringing multiple testimonials from several readers.[0]

He is happily married to Adeola Eboda who is the co-senior Pastor of HarvestHouse and their marriage is blessed with two amiable sons – Inioluwa and Booreoluwatipoto[0]


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