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Garry Conrad

Garry Conrad

Garry Conrad was a resident from New York, New York.


On May 18, 2106 Conrad was shot dead by police in New York, New York. Conrad pulled out an 8-inch knife during an altercation with police outside of a Hellโ€™s Kitchen supermarket. Police fired nine times when Conrad ignored their orders to drop the weapon and instead charged at them with the 8 inch knife. Conrad was pronounced dead at the scene.

Personal Life

Conrad had been employed at Shubert Theatre as a freelance stagehand.

A creative guy and good friend who worked hard and will be missed.

He must have fell on hard times and been suffering from the head trauma he received in a mugging in New York some years ago.

Certainly not in character with the guy I knew.

Why was this type of response from law enforcement needed?

What level of threat required such an over the top response?

Saugus, Massachusetts mourns for him and this tragic end.

Let's respect his personhood and his struggle.

Sorry for any trouble he may have gotten into along the way.

Graduate of Emerson College and Malden Catholic High School.

Rest in Peace bro!


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