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Gant Eyewear

Gant Eyewear

Viva International Group launches the Gant Eyewear collection worldwide under a licensing agreement with the mens sportswear brand, Gant AB.

The new line, consisting of 28 ophthalmic frames, reflects the essence of the name with styles designed for the 30-something man who demands function and classic good looks.

Included are titanium three-piece mounts with screwless hinge construction, stainless-steel styles and handmade double-laminate zyls, all with updated, clean lines and tooled temples with the Gant logo.

Colors range from brown, demi-amber, gray and khaki to burgundy, dark green and navy.

Gant has also added women's eyewear to its existing Gant Eyewear line.

Designed for independent, confident, active women, this 18-piece collection captures the Gant heritage of sophisticated elegance.

Frames are metal, double-laminated plastic and plastic/metal combinations and are offered in variations on oval, rectangular and upsweep designs.

Three styles are three-piece mounts.



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