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Gallito Ramírez (soap opera)

Gallito Ramírez (soap opera)

Gallito Ramírez is a Colombian soap opera produced by Caracol Televisión and broadcast by Canal Uno between 1986 and 1987. [1]

It stars Carlos Vives and Margarita Rosa de Francisco, with the antagonistic participation of Bruno Díaz. It was directed by Julio César Luna and scripted by Martha Bossio de Martínez.

The telenovela was based on a story by David Sánchez Juliao called "El Flecha".[2]


Javier, better known as "Gallito" Ramirez, is a small-town boy who dreams of becoming a boxer.

Gallito is in love with Carmenza Lavalle "La Niña Mencha", a whimsical and mischievous yet sweet girl, daughter of a loaner family from Cartagena, Colombia, who also loves him, but does not want him to continue in boxing. "Gallito" has always been in love with his "Niña Mencha", but he also loves Diana Portete, a young girl who is from the same social class as him. The family of "Niña Mencha" is wealthy and in which Gallito does not have a place, although by birth he has always corresponded to her.

At the same time, he must fight to become a boxer, for which he will have the help of the veteran trainer "Cigarrito" Páez and will face his biggest rival, "Fercho" Durango, spoiled and envious son of the Police Inspector, who envies everything that "Gallito" possesses, but eventually ends up reconciling with him, after the death of his father.



  • Carlos Vives — Javier "Gallito" Ramírez

  • Margarita Rosa de Francisco — Carmenza "Niña Mencha" Lavalle

  • Margalida Castro — Sussy Borda de Lavalle

  • Fernando San Miguel — Parcifal / Pancracio Henao

  • Bruno Díaz — Fercho Durango

  • Adelaida Nieto — Diana Portete

  • Felipe Solano — Enrique Lavalle

  • Luis Fernando Ardila — Ramón Junior "Papi" Juliao

  • Luis Fernando Orozco — Cigarrito Páez

  • Margoth Velásquez — Tulia Ramírez

  • Víctor Cifuentes — Inspector Alfredo Durango

  • Miguel Varoni — Alejo Vargas / Arturo Sanclemente

  • Stella Rivero — Anita Ramírez

  • Victor Hugo Ruiz — Kike Lavalle

  • Marcela Agudelo — Leslie Restrepo

  • Norma Pinzón — Leda Visconti

  • Samara de Córdova — Olivia Serge de Juliao

  • Jimmy Bernal — Matt Terril

  • Guillermo Gálvez — Arturo Sanclemente

  • Yuldor Gutiérrez — Andrés Ángel #1

  • Jaime Peña — Andrés Ángel #2

  • Álvaro Lemmon — El Capi Tuirán

  • Inés Mejía — Yolanda Restrepo

  • Lisandro Meza — Él mismo

  • Fanny Muñoz — Dioselina

  • Rey Vásquez — Pacho Bolillo

  • Antonio Corrales — Ramón H. Juliao

  • Maria Fernanda Martinez — Lili Miranda

  • Irma Cristancho

  • Mara Echeverry

  • Luces Velásquez


The telenovela gained notoriety for the real-life courtship of its protagonists, Carlos Vives and Margarita Rosa de Francisco, who finally married in August 1988.

A difference of opinion between the librettists and the director with the programmer, caused the resignation of the latter, so the final episode (issued on March 6, 1987) had negative criticism as it was considered hasty and against what many expected from it.

This did not prevent a spin-off entitled Fercho y Compañia, starring Bruno Diaz, Luis Fernando Ardila and Constanza Duque, from debuting in July 1987. This one went off the air in August 1989.


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