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Gala Games ($GALA)

Gala Games ($GALA)

Founded by greats from the gaming and blockchain industry, Gala Games is redefining the world of gaming.

All OLD-school gamers remember the sound of blowing the dust out of a Nintendo cartridge to get ready to play their favorite game or the pride you took in lining up your Playstation games on a shelf in your bedroom.

Essentially, game companies used to produce things that you would buy and you would keep and could use whenever and however YOU wanted.

There was a sense of pride of ownership in what you could hold in your hands.

Then gaming took a turn, and everything went online.

At first, it seemed super convenient as services like Steam and mobile gaming platforms revolutionized the human act of play. However, as consumers got used to digital platforms, suddenly they found that they were playing more and owning less. Then the micro-transactions and pay-to-play structures intruded even further upon what was once the fun, free, and creative land of gaming.

This is why Gala exists – to give the power in gaming to the people who should be in charge – the gamers.

The games produced by Gala will always be free to play, and whatever you earn inside the game world will be YOURS.

If you play a game and earn an asset in that game, that asset is yours to do whatever you would like with it.

You own your gameplay, nobody else does.

This means you can collect, trade, gift, or even sell your in-game assets in a way that has never before been possible.

Additionally, unlike other game development companies, which actively discourage and forbid these sorts of outside transactions because they get nothing, we encourage you to explore how you can use and share your in-game assets with the rest of the world.

We know that the future of gaming isn’t in the hands of big game developers who keep tight reins on the worlds they create, but in YOUR hands.[5]

The Gala Games Mission


The Mission of Gala Games can best be encapsulated in the words of our CEO, Eric Schiermeyer.

“Our mission is to enable freedom for anyone on this planet through play.”

Gala Games believes that play is a critical part of our humanity, and it is our mission to use play to enable people to live freely.

Gala & The Ecosystem

GALA is currently based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the ERC-1155 Standard. This reduces fees and makes it possible for a user to send multiple NFTs in the same transaction. Any game developer can integrate GALA and NFTs into their games, allowing for the stable long-term growth of the GALA Ecosystem.

Get A Gala Node!

The Gala Network is supported by users, just like you, who operate Gala Nodes from their home computers.

By buying a license to operate a Gala Node, you open up opportunities to receive rewards for your contribution to the network.

This can include GALA, limited edition NFTs, and opportunities to help the Gala Games ecosystem grow.

Gala Smart Contract

GALA powers the Gala Games Ecosystem.

The official ERC-20 contract can be found at Etherscan.


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