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Gabrielle Moses

Gabrielle Moses

Gabrielle Moses (born April 6, 2000) is an American beauty YouTuber who regularly post beauty and makeup videos on her channel. She is also famous for her tutorials and cosmetic reviews.[2]

She has over 300 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Early Life


Moses was born on April 6, 2000 in Missouri and currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

She has a twin sister named Madalyn and a younger sister, she has graduated from high school and was a cheerleader as well as a soccer player during her school years.[1]


What you NEED to know before a first date

What you NEED to know before a first date

She started her career as a YouTuber when she created her channel on February 22, 2017, she mainly uploads makeup tutorials as well as reviews of makeup products.


Her first video, ‘Every Day Makeup Tutorial For Teenagers 2017!,’ has been viewed almost 80 thousand times by her fans, some of her most popular beauty-related videos are ‘Winged Eyeliner For Beginners!’, ‘Rose N' Gold Makeup Tutorial!’, and ‘Morning Makeup Routine!’ [2]

She has also uploaded beauty products testing videos as well as comedic videos.

After a while, she started posting videos on relationships as well.

These videos were loved by the viewers and they asked her to post more such videos.[2]

One of the popular video on her channel is ‘First Things Girls Notice about Guys,’ which describes several things about guys which are the first ones to be noticed by girls.[1]

The other popular relationship-related videos on her channel include ‘Sexy Things Guys Do Without Knowing’, ‘5 Things Guys Do Girls Love!

(Yes Please)’, ‘Hot Things Guys Do That Girls Love’, ‘Unattractive Things Guys Do Without Knowing...’, and ‘How To REALLY Snapchat a Girl...’ [2]

She usually collaborated with her boyfriend Jack Brinkman, who is also a YouTube personality, they set up a channel together on Youtube titled ‘JACK AND GAB’ which features personal vlogs, reaction videos, funny videos as well as prank videos.[1]

On their channel, they can be seen spending time together and fooling around, having fun, and entertaining their viewers.

This channel is so popular and has over 760 thousand subscribers.


Some of their most popular videos on the channel are ‘Things Guys Wish Girls Knew’, ‘Yoga Challenge With Girlfriend!’, ‘Things Girls Wear That Guys Love!!

(Don't Get Offended)’, ‘Hickey Prank On Boyfriend!

GONE TOO FAR...*’, and ‘5 Unattractive Things Girls Do Guys HATE! (Don't Get Offended)’. [2]


Gabrielle has been dating Jack Brinkman since 2015 and they do collaboration videos together on their joint YouTube channel.[1]


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