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Gabriela Sari

Gabriela Sari

Gabriela Sari (born: October 26, 1980, Buenos Aires) is an Argentine actress.[1]


Sari is the daughter of an Italian woman and Miguel Esteban Sari (former member of the clan club), who imprinted on his daughter the artistic vein and passion for singing and dancing.

In 1997, Sari participated with her school in the program Feliz Domingo, at that time conducted by Pablo Codevilla. She impressed with her performance and was invited to appear in a new musical program produced by Codevilla called Los Más (later called Los Más Escuchados).

Sari found fame in 1998 when she appeared in Muñeca brava, one of Telefe's most successful shows. Further success followed after her roles in the 2005 TV series Sex Stories of Ordinary People and the 2008 telenovela Por amor a vos, where she played the sensual redheaded daughter of a building manager.

Since 2014 Sari has been living with the lawyer, driver and journalist Darian Schijman.[2]


In 2008 Sari performed in the play El Enterrador, written and directed by Gerardo Sofovich. She shared the stage with Maximiliano Ghione, Silvia Montanari, Roly Serrano and Fito Páez. In 2011, Sari was part of the cast of La pulga en la oreja under the direction of Alicia Zanka.

Sari joined the cast of The House of Bernarda Alba in 2015 alongside Dalma Maradona and Katja Alemann where she playing Amelia, one of Bernarda's daughters.

Other notable performances include roles in El Cartero by Antonio Skármeta under the direction of Hugo Arana. The play caused controversy and was censored before its premier because it included a scene in which Sari and fellow-actor Nicolás Cabré appeared totally naked. The local governor sought to justify the censorship, citing the obscenity of the scene Forty-five days after the scheduled premier, the play was staged in the hall of the National University of Santiago del Estero. The performance was guarded by 25 federal police officers. The play was attended by former judge Graciela Basile who declared that "For me, nudity was not prohibited but the political background". "Long live the theater", were the final words of Darío Grandinetti, actor and Producer.

In 2017, Sari produced the play Acaloradas, together with Mimí Ardú, María Fernanda Callejón and Emilia Mazer.


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