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Gabriel Taye

Gabriel Taye

Gabriel Taye was an 8 year-old from Hamilton County near the city of Cincinnati in Ohio who committed suicide two days after getting bullied inside of his elementary school bathroom. [undefined]

Personal Life And Activities

Gabriel was born and raised in the city of Cincinnati by parents, Cornelia and Reynolds. He is survived by his sister, Eden. He had many cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who remember him and loved him. [undefined]


Photo of Gabe showing his smile.

Photo of Gabe showing his smile.

Photo of Gabe holding a a doggy.

Photo of Gabe holding a a doggy.

On January 24th, 2017, inside one of the bathroom of his elementary school, several sadistic children were harassing, insulting, threatening, and slapping around kids as Gabe also enters the bathroom.

As the bully walks up to a startled Gabe, the unnamed and unidentified bully with the rest of his gang of misfits begin the onslaught of abuse against Gabe.

Gabe extends his hand and offers a handshake to the bully.


Instead, of accepting the handshake, the assailant grabs him and slams him against the wall.

Gabe lands unconscious on the floor and according to the unreleased footage seen and reported by authorities, the bully along with his crew descend further into a violent assault.

The bullies eventually leave Gabe unconscious inside the bathroom until the assistant principal finds him about 7 minutes later.


At that time, the school followed protocol and had the school nurse inspect Gabe.

The school officials never disclosed to Gabe's mother he had been bullied and unconscious for quite some time.

Instead, they informed his mother that he had feinted.

When Gabe came home, he seemed sick and began puking, so his mother took him to the hospital to get checked.

The diagnoses that he received was that he had stomach flu.


Gabe missed school the following day in order to recuperate.

On January 26th, he attended school again and was harassed a second time.

When he came home, Gabe decided to take his own life by hanging himself.


Gabe's mother has stated that she had contacted the school for she was worried that Gabe was being bullied.

The school responded by saying they don't have records of any reports concerning bullying.

Gabe's mother has come out an expressed the school's statements are wrong.



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