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Fukkit (rapper)

Fukkit (rapper)

Fukkitis an American rapper from Miami, Florida.


Fukkit's music is a high energy, unconventional blend of rap, punk and metal.

He was inspired by innumerable music acts from all genres including Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, System of a Down, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Slipknot, Job for a Cowboy, Pantera, Slayer, Lamb of God, Tame Impala, Toro y Moi, Death Grips, Eminem, Syringe, Swerzie, Snubnose Frankenstein and so many more.

Fukkit got his name when he dropped a freestyle over the instrumental to MF Doom's "Meatgrinder" on a shitty USB mic with a few friends.

He needed a stage name to accompany the track so he started tossing ideas around with his friends.

He explained the origin of his name to Complex: [1]

Eventually the thought was formed in my stupid high ass mind and I literally spoke aloud and said: "Fuck it."

To which another friend of mine named Brandon responded, "Yeha fuck it dude, we'll just think of a name later or something."

Then I explained, "'Nah.

That's gonna be my name.


Like with two K's."

It just stuck with me ever since.

As a part of the infamous South Florida underground music scene, Fukkit was originally affiliated with XXXTentacion and his Members Only collective.

X and Fukkit had a falling out in 2016 due to some unspecified beef.

Before he parted ways with X and Members Only, they recorded the popular track "Nascar".

Afterwards, Fukkit joined the Midnight Society collective with Kamiyada who had developed his own beef with X after X took him off of the song "sippinteainyohood."

Fukkit dissed XXXTENTACION on Kamiyada's "NATURAL SELECTION" by alluding to the incident when he was knocked out on stage: [2] [5]

Slept on stage midset yet call you brand revene It's so sad, still can't help but laugh.

You mad?

Come beat my ass and the fans all some fucking stans

On February 4th 2019 Fukkit left Midnight Society due to creative differences.





Fukkit has released two EPs and one full album.

As of May 2019 Fukkit has posted 97 tracks to his SoundCloud.



  • Miami Hotboy (2016)

  • Scratch Paper (2018)


  • Is This Beauty? (2017)


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