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The "Anti-Streetwear" clothing brandfuckthepopulation based out of Los Angeles, California was founded by 21 year old Zacftp. [1] The brand quickly rose to fame with its offensive and terrorist references such as the columbine physical education and the fuckthepopulation terrorist organization shirts.

The brand received so much backlash that it even popped up on the US National Defense’s radar resulting in them freezing their online accounts while they were being investigated.

Fuckthepopulation also gained popularity by working with artist and personas such as Dash (A$AP MOB affiliate), Yung Gleesh, Pouya, and Baker/Deathwish pro skater Antwuan Dixon.

This past spring ftp introduced a new and left field approach to a stagnant streetwear industry by partnering up with pornhub and releasing a homemade teaser video of their lookbook on pornhub’s website.

With more collaborations like the huf x ftp shoe project that has been causing a buzz in the streetwear market collectors and buyers from around the world are highly anticipating many more drops to come from this new clothing brand.


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