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FriendLife created by MyLikes Inc. was a social media and broadcasting platform with over 1 million users, where users could broadcast or watch other users live, make new friends, share and browse photos and text updates, private message your friends and earn money by the amount of viewer hours you retain whilst broadcasting.


The platform was originally introduced to iOS and Android users in 2013 as a photo and art sharing application where users could post pictures and gain followers and likes, later in 2015 the ability to "LifeStream" (broadcast) was introduced to users and the app became known as a live broadcasting platform and rose to popularity in late 2015 and 2016 with over 1 million users joining.

FriendLife was also introduced to PC in 2015 and PC users had the ability to broadcast as well.

The concept of FriendLife was to broadcast and make new friends.

They had a system where if two users follow each other they would be considered as "Friends" and this would be shown on their profiles along with their "LifeStreams" count and also the amount of followers the users had.

FriendLife introduced the ability to be able to earn money whilst live broadcasting depending on the amount of viewers hours you have, the higher amount of viewers you had watching you the more cents you would earn per minute, any and all users could make money through just broadcasting with their "Celebrity" program where they payed with PayPal.

In December 2015 a new way of earning money was introduced to FriendLife called the "$50 Viewer Hour Contest" with given categories, where all users could participate in a daily contest to win $50 USD, out of the top 10 users with the highest amount of viewer hours, one user would win $50 USD.

Notable users

Throughout the years of FriendLife being popular, many users rose to popularity gaining either small or big followings.


In 2017 FriendLife was bought by an unknown company who eventually decided to shutdown the platform in June 2017, to this day all URLs [1], iOS downloads and Android downloads are not functional.

Users are still unknown to the reason why but some say that it was shutdown due to financial problems.


Citation Linkfriendlife.comThe original URL to FriendLife.
May 27, 2018, 3:38 PM