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Free Syrian Police

Free Syrian Police

The Free Syrian Police (FSP) is a UK-backed Police force operating in opposition controlled areas Idlib (and formerly in Aleppo and Daraa) in Syria since 2013.

[0] [1] They operate non-governmental police stations.


The project has been run by Adam Smith International (ASI) since October 2014.

The United Kingdom is among six other countries funding the FSP.

The Free Syrian Police were supposed to be unarmed, and not co-operate with extremist groups, however in December 2017 Panorama aired an exposé on mainstream British television showing examples where that was not the case.


Allegations made in the Panorama show included :-

  • Police working with extremist courts that carry out summary executions - including one case where two women were stoned to death

  • Police being forced to hand over cash to the Nour al-Din al-Zanki extremist group controlling the area. This group has been linked to war crimes including the beheading of a child in 2016.

  • Police officers being selected by an extremist group

  • Ficticious and dead people being put on the police payroll [0]

UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson announced that the UK would offer a further £4 million to the "Access to Justice and Community Security" (AJACS) initiative that supports the Free Syrian Police.


ASI has refuted Panorama's allegations.

[0] [2]After being suspended over the Panorama allegations, funding from the UK resumed in January 2018.



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