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Frank Navarro

Frank Navarro

Frank Navarro is a high school history teacher at Mountainview High School in Mountain View, California.

He is known for his classes on the Holocaust, other genocides, and periods of ethnic cleansing.

Navarro grew up in Oakland, CA and attended Catholic schools.

He has a bachelor degree from San Francisco State University and has taught at Mountain View High for more than 20 years.

He began his teaching career as a special-education teacher.

Hitler and Trump comparison

In November 2016 he faced a short suspension after a parent complained about a lesson in which Navarro compared Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler.

Navarro reportedly compared Trump's statements about deportations and his Make America Great Again campaign slogan to Hitler's campaigns.

[-1] [1] Students and parents have rallied to his defense and called on school officals to apologize.

A Change.org petition has 40,000 signatures in support of Navarro.

Navarro has brought Holocaust survivor s to talk to his classes and presented documentation of the events to his students.

[2]California education law mandates that the Holocaust be included in the high school curriculum.


In 1996 a class on the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide, Cambodian genocide, and events in Yugoslavia he was planning to teach was cancelled by the principal.



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