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Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto

More than just a footwear and handbag brand name, Franco Sarto is the man and the driving inspiration behind the passion of his designs.

Franco Sarto, an Italian designer, knew shoes and fashion were his life.

He began his career at the young age of fourteen.

Franco Sarto was working in a shoe factory in a small town outside of Venice, Italy, where he sat on a stool and hand-lasted shoes with a hammer and nails.

This was the beginning of the empire that is Franco Sarto shoes and Franco Sarto handbags.

Along with designing exquisite handbags of all styles, including totes, satchels, hobos, and clutches, Franco Sarto also designs a plethora of cutting-edge and fashionable shoes.

Franco Sarto offers shoes for any occasion, while maintaining fashion-forward trends and reliable all-day comfort.

From casual shoes and sandals, to bridal, dress shoes, tailored shoes and boots, Franco Sarto has created a style with a hint of European fashion and everyday comfort for every woman.

The grace and beauty of Franco Sarto shoes and Franco Sarto handbags brings joy to women all over the world.

Franco Sarto is continuously constructing beautiful shoes and handbags for all women of all ages.

Franco Sarto understands a woman’s undying passion for shoes and handbags.

He is dedicated to keeping this passion alive.



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