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Francis Lucille

Francis Lucille

Francis Lucille is a French spiritual teacher of the tradition of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality). He is based in Temecula, CA. [1]


Lucille studied Mathematics and Physics at École Polytechnique and managed missile tests for the French armed forces. After discovering the writings of J. Krishnamurti, he gave up his defense activities in order to pursue a spiritual conquest and would become a guru.

Francis’ teachings are traditional and have been passed down from generation to generation by a lineage of sages.

He met Guru Jean Klein in 1975 who taught in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality). Francis' relationship with his as a friend and spiritual apprentice lasted until Klein's death in 1998. Klein's own guru, "Panditji" Rao, whom he met in India in the 1950s, was a college professor in Bangalore, India who taught Sanskrit and belonged to a lineage of traditional Advaita Vedanta teachers. [1]

Francis’ teachings reflect those of his guru: appreciation for humor, art, music, and poetry, intellectual rigor with a personal twist from to his education in Mathematics and Physics. He transmits the ancient teaching of nonduality and threads the common ground that Advaita Vedanta, Ch'an Buddhism, Zen, Taoism and Sufism all share. Many contemporary spiritual teachers have attended his teaching events. Francis' list of friends included Robert Linssen, Wolter Keers, Yvan Amar, Douglas Harding, William Samuel and Robert Adams. His other influences were J. Krishnamurti, Krishna Menon and Wei Wu Wei whom he knew personally.

As of September 2017, Francis holds retreats, on-demand webcasts, and weekend dialogues in his current headquarters in Temecula, California.


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