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Francis Ellis (Barstool Sports)

Francis Ellis (Barstool Sports)

Francis Ellis is a comedian as well as a blogger and podcast host for Barstool Sports.

He is based in New York City.


Early Life and Education

Ellis is originally from Freeport, Maine and graduated from Yarmouth High School.

He attended Harvard University where he was on the lacrosse team and graduated in 2011.



As a comedian, Ellis mostly performs in New York City but has brought his act all over the world including China, Australia, Sweden, British Columbia, and across the United States.

He is known for his dry, dark sense of humor and incorporating his satirical keyboard in his act.


For Barstool Sports, Ellis is the host of the Barstool Variety Hour, Barstool's comedy show, and is the host of Barstool Breakfast on SiriusXM.

He also writes blog posts about pop culture and various other subjects.



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