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Fran Parman

Fran Parman

Francesa (Fran) Parman is a British Reality tv star best known for her appearances on the ITV2 series The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) she has also attracted a significant social media following via Twitter and Instagram [0] [1] [2].

The only way is Essex

Fran appeared in a total of 59 episodes of The Only Way Is Essex, spanning 7 series from 2014-2017 [2].

This included a run of 6 straight series (series 11 -16) before she returned in 2017 for a single series (series 20) as detailed on the List of The Only Way Is Essex cast members.

Thereafter she left the show and has given no indication that she intends to return.

Personal Life

During the The Only Way Is Essex (series 11) Fran started a relationship with James โ€˜Diagsโ€™ Bennewith.

The relationship would go on to last for 3 years which in the context of the show as a whole was one of the longest running relationships to emerge from it.

Rumours about the couples split included multiple cases of Infidelity on Jame's part which had lasted throughout the majority of the relationship [3] [4] [12].

Fran is often pictured out with her close friend and fellow Reality tv show star Georgia Harrison from Love Island [5].

In March 2017, the pair also began promoting their fitness regimes on youtube [13].

Career outside of TV

In August 2016, Fran with then partner James 'Diags' Bennewith launched KASEKLO a company producing and selling unique Mobile phone accessories.

In August 2017 after their relationship ended James was removed as a company director [6] [7].


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