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Peeple App

Peeple App

Peeple App is Yelp for People.

The founder is Julia Cordray.

Peeple is an iOS app [-1]launched in Canada and the US on March 7, 2016.

Peeple helps you safely manage your online reputation while making better decisions about the people around you - It's like the Yelp for People.

Looking at everyone in the three ways you could possibly know someone – personally, professionally and romantically – you can provide a recommendation on everyone you come in contact with, while allowing yourself to be recommended.

Once armed with these recommendations you can turn them into your new form of currency to get better job opportunities, better dates, growing relationships, and networking opportunities.

App Features include:

  • Nearby feature to see all people within a 10 mile radius
  • Create your profile
  • Recommend people and be recommended in three categories (Personal, Professional and Dating)
  • Share any recommendations on social media and over text/email
  • Share your profile and the profile of others on social media and over text/email
  • Message anyone in the app
  • Search for and add friends from Facebook
  • Agree with a recommendation
  • Like a profile and follow users


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