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Forgotten Faces Pictures

Forgotten Faces Pictures

Forgotten Faces Pictures (Pty) Ltd is a South African television and film production company.

It is a subsidiary of S.A. media conglomerate Forgotten Faces Entertainment Corporation.

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In 2015, David Sikhosana founded Forgotten Faces Pictures and later partnered with long time friend and fellow filmmaker now co-producer Winston Moeketsi.

The production company has done several Music Videos for South African Artists and is busy with future projects including feature films such as Total Recall, Inclination, Alchemist, Contrivance and The Grim Reaper all written and directed by David Sikhosana Produced by Sasha RS who is also a Director, Producer & Executive In The Company.

It is distributed by Forgotten Faces Studios which acquires and distributes low-budget films & feature films, television series and specialty programming, In addition to holding the exclusive distribution rights for movies produced by Forgotten Faces Pictures and other Production Houses.

Joint ventures

  • Forgotten Faces Records

  • Forgotten Faces Studios


  • Total Recall (2010) Written/Directed by David Sikhosana (Re-release TBA)

  • The Grim Reaper: (2013) Written/Directed by David Sikhosana (Due for Re-release under the name The Grim Reaper) TBA

  • Alchemist (2016) Written/Directed by David Sikhosana

  • Inclination (2018) Written/Directed by David Sikhosana

  • Contrivance (2019) Written/Directed by David Sikhosana

  • BlogChatSA with SashaRS (2016) (TV, Radio & Podcast Show)

  • Trader Gang: Money Matters (2017) (TV Show)


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