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Flojos®, recognized as one of the top sandal manufacturers in the world, is a name synonymous with the active, California beach lifestyle.

Flojos (pronounced flo-hos, meaning "kick back" in Spanish) specializes in beach, fashion and sport sandals for women, men and children, with a focus on comfort, style and affordable prices.Flojos

established itself as a force in the U.S. sandal arena in 1979 with the introduction of the original Flojos, a popular rubber criss-cross sandal. The

original Flojos style was borrowed from a traditional design from the Mexican culture, a style that has been a favorite among fisherman, surfers and beachcombers since the 1940s. Recently,

the original Flojos sandal and other Flojos styles alike have been making resurgence, showing up on beaches as well as city streets.All Flojos

sandals are designed with attention to detail and comfort, with materials including top quality leather, nylon, rubber and canvas. Most Flojos

sandals are perfect for a walk on the beach, but some women's styles are elaborately trimmed with beads and sequins, making it the perfect accessory for a night out on the town.For the past

several years, Flojos has placed a large emphasis on its women's line of casual sandals. Flojos gives women

many choices, with styles from platforms to flats, thongs to slides, with colors ranging from basic whites to vivid brights and details such as sequins, beads, and seashells.The men's line, which

originated with the Original Flojos and Toejos rubber sandals more than 20 years ago, now runs the gamut from the basic rubber sandal to leather sandals, sport sandals, fashion sandals.Steeped in heritage and rich

with style, the Flojos way of life is back and better than ever. Whether you're looking for casual

sandals to flip-flop around in the summer or serious sandals meant to take on the surf, you can look towards the reliable comfort and standout style of Flojos sandals.Kick into fun. Slip into style.



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