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Flohioreal name Funmi Ohio, is an up and coming rapper from Bermondsey in South East London.


Personal Life

Flohio grew up as a bit of a loner in Bermondsey, separated from her older sister who was away at boarding school in Nigeria.

Her father was a pilot and was constantly in flight.

She was always in awe of the music videos from the golden era of Channel U.

She started writing lyrics at the age of 13 and takes inspiration from artists like Lil Wayne, Eve, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Childish Gambino, Kanye West, [[LINK|lang_en|J._Cole|J.

Cole]] and the Fela Kuti her mother played around the house.


Up until 2017 she had worked a 9-5 job as a graphic designer at the record label Ninja Tune, but quit to pursue a musical career.


In 2016 she debuted with herNowhere Near EP, then later appeared on the L-Vis 1990’s collab Yeah Yeah and her track "Fights" with London production duo God Colony in 2017.

She also appeared on their track “SE16".

In May of 2018 her single "Watchout" earned the title of Best New Music from Pitchfork.


In February of 2018 Flohio was selected by Naomi Campbell for Vogue as one of “10 women reimagining the future”.

In another Vogue profile she says: [3]

"The east London scene was the first to give me opportunities.

I would perform at Birthdays in Dalston, in my Nike Cortez, which are like wearing socks on stage.

Shout out to NTS Radio, and DJs Julie Adenuga and Mary Anne Hobbs for playing my earliest tracks"


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