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Flo Milli

Flo Milli

Tamia Carter (born January 9, 2000), known professionally as Flo Milli, is an American rapper from Mobile, Alabama. Her breakout single “Beef FloMix” dropped in October 2018. Other fire tracks include “White Girl Mia”, “She Loves Me Not” and “Not Friendly.” [5] [16]

Early Life

Tamia Carter was born on January 9, 2000 to her mother Monique in Alabama. She began writing raps at age 11. [22]

Personal Life

Flo Milli's real name is Tamia, she lives with her mother in Mobile, Alabama. Flo has gravitated towards music since she was young. In 2011, she played Winkie the star at Collier Elementary's production of Peter Pan and mother prophetically tweeted that she thought Tamia would grow up to be a star. [2]

In 2019, Flo shared on social media that she'd just connected with her little sister for the first time, saying: [3]

" Yo !I

have a little fucking sister ????she cried when I played beef !She knew

who I was bro I cried shit we both cried..I been tryna meet her my whole life but it didn’t happen until it was time now I’m fenna be the best big sister she never had ????❤️"


Flo Milli has been releasing tracks on SoundCloud since 2017. She dropped "Beef Flomix" in early 2019 and really gained exposure.The song spawned endless memes and eventually reached number two on Spotify’s Viral 50 in April 2019.One of the memes ended up in the hands of rapper DBangz who sent it to his manager, Vonsin Faniyi.Faniyi took it from there, hooking up with TikTok Star Michael Nice to engineer a dance around the song.The song quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views and within weeks Fayini began having discussions with labels. [5]

Flo was featured in her own episode of Genius's Verified series where she breaks down her song "Beef Flomix".Her sudden and strategic rise was profiled by Rolling Stone.[4][5]

In March 2020, Milli released her new track “Not Friendly” via RCA Records. “Not Friendly” follows the release her most recent single “My Attitude” which was met with great critical acclaim upon release with The New York Times including in the track in “The Playlist” and describing her as “A clever, cheerful lyricist” and explaining, “‘My Attitude’ might be her best to date, a persistently tough blend of aw-shucks sexual candor and eye-rolling dismissals.” The track also received a rave review from NYLON and its video premiered on The Fader who describes her, “Aside from her flows and lyrics, Flo Milli has a good sense of melody and knows where to sprinkle it in.”[24]


  • No Hook (2017)

  • Not Friendly (2018)

  • Beef FloMix (2019)

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