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Fireblocks (founded 2018) is a platform for building digital asset businesses that helps clients securely store, transfer, and issue digital assets. As of November 2020, the Fireblocks platform is used by over 100 financial institutions and securing over $30 billion in digital assets monthly. [1][2] [13]


Fireblocks Founders

Fireblocks Founders

Fireblocks was started by co-founders Michael Shaulov, Pavel Berengoltz, and Idan Ofrat in 2018 after the Lazarus Group hacked into four South Korean exchanges and stole $200 million Bitcoin in 2017. The founders worked for Check Point at the time and were part of a task force that investigated the cyber breach.[1]

Shaulov, Berengoltz, Ofrat then teamed up to create Fireblocks after spending 20 years transforming how cybersecurity is being applied and securing the blockchain.[1]

In June 2019, the company launched out of stealth mode with $16 million Series A.[1]

In December 2019, Ernst & Young granted SOC 2 Type II certification to Fireblocks.[1]

In April 2020, Fireblocks surpassed $30 billion in digital asset transfers, and opened two new offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.[1]

In May 2020, the platform launched the development of a new, freely available multi-party computation algorithm, MPC-CMP, to improve transaction speed for secure digital asset transfer by 800%.[1]

In September 2020, the platform exceeded 100 customers and surpassed $150 billion in digital asset transfers.[1]

In October 2020, Fireblocks opened new offices in Germany and France.[1]

In November 2020, the company had raised $30 million in a Series B funding round.

The round was led by venture firm, Paradigm and other participating investors were Galaxy Digital, Digital Currency Group, Swisscom, Cyberstarts, Tenaya Capital, and Cedar Hill Capital. As part of the deal, Paradigm co-founder and managing partner, Fred Ehrsam, has joined Fireblocks' board of directors.[3][4]


Fireblocks is an all-in-one platform that allows users to build, run, and scale their digital asset business.[5]

Asset Transfer Network

Gives users fast and secure on-chain settlement 24/7.[5]

MPC Wallet Infrastructure

The proprietary protocol pushes transaction speeds up to 8x faster than the industry level.[5]


A robust engine to consolidate assets into stablecoin s or security tokens quickly.[5]


SOC II Type II Certification, regular penetration test s unprecedented insurance and next generation MPC-CMP and hardware isolation.[5]

AML Compliance

Automatically leverage risk scores, customer-defines policies for safety and compliance.[5]

Policy Engine

Meet regulatory requirements and manage transaction policies from anywhere, any time.[5]

Deposit Acceleration Program

Transfer assets in minutes or seconds with 0 or 1 confirmation agreements with Fireblocks Network exchange partners.[5]

Disaster Recovery Service

Protect Assets from lost devices or service interruption risks, partnered with Coincover and Genesis Custody.[5]

Deposit Control

Customize policies for customer deposits based on finality preferences, across asset type, value, source and destination.[5]

Ethereum Gas Station

Maximize capital and operational efficiency on ERC20 transactions with automated, just-in-time refueling to pre-set caps.[5]


  • Cyberstarts

  • Eight Roads

  • Tenaya Capital

  • Swisscom

  • Paradigm

Board Members

  • Gili Raanan - founder and general partner at Cyberstarts

  • Tom Banahan - partner at Tenaya Capital

  • Gil Mandelzis - CEO of Capitolis

  • Fred Ehrsam - Co-founder and managing partner of Paradigm


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