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Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore

Finnian Nainby-Luxmoore

Finnian Chave Nainby-Luxmoore is an English actor, best known for his critically acclaimed lead performance in the award winning, and [1] National Film Academy nominated film Little Pieces, was born in Paris, France on the 12th September 1989 to Aine (Fitz Gerald) a parole worker and James Nainby-Luxmoore a stock broker. Finn is the oldest of three siblings, sisters Brighde Anna and Molly Naimh as well as 8 cousins.

Finn grew up in Suffolk, where his parents moved to from Paris, before his first birthday and spent much of his childhood outdoors in the countryside, either riding or doing some other activities.

Finn has always been a keen sportsman and played a wide range of sports, captaining school basketball, football hockey and rugby teams, while also coming second in multiple cross country races, winning a great number of swimming and dinghy sailing races (before teaching the later as an instructor), taking part in tetrathlons as well as other summer sports such as cricket (where he was an all rounder, batsman, leg spinner, wicketkeeper and fielder), tennis and croquet, all bar the last being played at school as well.

Finn has also surrounded himself with the creative arts since he was little, noting special time towards, drawing, panting and writing.

He spent much of his childhood drawing and painting with his mother and grandmother Ruth (Morlock) Nainby-Luxmoore, who was a very dedicated artist for entire life, and even remembers doing his first water colour of the war monument outside his granny's house, aged 8.

Despite his enjoyment of sports, drawing and writing, Finns true passion was and has always been acting, since as far back as he can remember.

Steve McQueen in The Magnificnet Seven and The Great Escape is said to be his role model, with said films being played on a daily basis in his house hold as a child and in doing so created his love of acting.

Whilst at school Finn took part in many stage performances, starting in nursery as Narrator in the Christmas story, before at the end of Prep school Finn landed the lead as D'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers, even though he had been going for the minor role as the Fool.

At senior school Finn proceeded to study Drama and take part in many plays for exams, roles such as Billy in The Rise and Fall of Liittle Voice, Faustus in Faustus and even a played a man with early on set dementia for his final project.

Despite great reviews from the examiners, fellow students and many of the drama department, the head of drama claimed to never see any talent in Finn and so never cast him in any of the school plays, including minor roles, something which Finn always regretted.

After school, rather then follow the path of his school friends and go to university, Finn decided to pursue a life in acting and has since then been acting in plays, music videos, shorts and feature length films, many of the having been London based projects, where Finn currently resides to date.

in 2016 Finn is again teaming up with Little Pieces director Adam Nelson and Graham Cawte on Emotional Motor Unit.


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