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Fininsider [1] is a financial news platform that is based in Kolkata, India. The site was launched on Dec 21st, 2021. This platform provides breaking and trending news on Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, Mutual funds, and IPOs all under one roof. Fininsider believes in providing authentic pieces of information on the current market trends and the seesaw in the stock market as well as the cryptocurrency market.


You might have asked for such a platform that will inform you only about your interest areas like the stock market, mutual funds, and IPOs.

Look we heard you.

[2] We aim to enlighten our readers with authentic pieces of information to keep them updated every time.

If you are a newbie in the digital market world this platform will take you through the whole process by enriching your knowledge about such important terms, facts, and many more.

[3] We’re here to make you explore the world of the digital market as well as the stock market too.


The world is evolving and our investment areas are too.

Our vision is to stop you from taking any wrong steps related to your investment.

That’s why we provide you the market analysis of the Stock market, investment guides even the upcoming IPO details also. We know the value of money and you definitely will never want to invest all your money in vain. This is the reason we are here today. [4] We want you to have a crystal-clear image of the market you are investing your hard-earned money in. The most important element of our vision is you. Maybe not an element but the vision is you, the well-being of your investments.


We follow a set of values that are very essential for us to maintain our professionalism and Behavior towards our readers so that we can serve them every time better than the last time. [5]

Reader Based: It’s our Duty to keep our readers updated every time with authentic and breaking news stories that are beneficial for our readers. [6]

Accountability: We take all the Responsibility for our content to do it and own it and to improve if any gap is left. We write what is right and what is authentic. [7]

Growth: We are very optimistic about our Growth because we are improving every single time there is a necessity to grow. [8]

Integrity: We work with sincerity and always go for the right ones so that we can bring fruitful and productive content. [9]

About the Owner

Fininsider was founded in December 2021 by Bijit Chakraborty.

Bijit Chakraborty is an Indian entrepreneur who is the Founder of Fininsider. He also founded Rackdecor and Transathost in his early days.


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