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Fifth Force

Fifth Force

The fifth force is a physics term for a postulated, experimentally found, but not yet conclusively verified fifth fundamental force in the universe- represented currently by dark photons and by extrapolation -Dark Energy. [2]

Scientists have been puzzling for decades - why the universe appears to weigh more than predicted and not only is the universe expanding, but it's expansion appears to be accelerating.

[3]The answer points to dark matter, an invisible substance, still not clearly understand, thought to exist in various locations throughout the universe.

Dark matter, believed by physicists to outweigh all normal matter in the universe more than five to one, is by definition invisible.

But, scientists at MIT and elsewhere have developed a new tool for testing to see if dark matter is detectable.

An exotic particle, a "dark photon", resembling a photon, but with mass, has been proposed/'preliminarily verified' by some theorists/physicists to explain dark matter — whose existence can be inferred from the gravitational attraction exerted on ordinary matter, such as in the way galaxies rotate and aggregate together.


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