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Feitelberg (born August 14, 1988), whose full name is John Feitelberg, is a veteran Boston-based blogger at Barstool Sports.[1]

Personal Life

Feitelberg is the son of pesident of Hub International, John Feitelberg and his wife Polly Feitelberg. His grandfather Joseph Feitelberg started Feitelberg insurance. [2]


Feitelberg attended Tansey Elementary School and Morton Middle School.

He went to high school at Portsmouth Abbey.[2]


Feitelberg has spent over a decade as a blogger at Barstool Sports. One of his most popular posts spawned a meme that people all over the world adopted as a mantra—"Fridays Are For The Men, Saturdays Are For The Boys." It means that when an old man gets drunk on a Friday night, he still has to get up the next morning and mow the lawn, get the groceries, and do other chores. The youth are unfettered. They can get drunk on a Friday, wake up at noon and chug a bottle of liquor and black out by 7PM if they want. [3]

Feitelberg shared details about his early days with Barstool Sports when the future was less certain: [2]

"When I started at Barstool I was working from a terrible apartment and making about $400 a month, and some months we didn’t have enough money to get paid so you’d just get a phone call from Dave where he said, “Hey I’ll get you back when I can.”

He always did, but it’s wild that that was once a reality and now we have a downtown NYC office and people in the streets want to take pictures with us."

Feitelberg has garnered several hundred thousand followers across various social media.[5]

Cyclist Controversy

In 2015, wrote a blog post lamenting having to share the road with cyclists with an aggressive stance. He wrote: [4]

"If you’re in my way while I’m trying to get to or from work, then I’m running you over.

I don’t care if you’re keeping in shape or saving the environment, you’re dead."

This didn't go over to well with the cyclist community. Andy Suter, who goes by the name Drunk Cyclist on social media, responded with an insulting meme, igniting a peurile firefight of tweet back-and-forths and insults. A few days later, Feitelberg took it further appearing on a SiriusXM radio show and saying:[4]

"I want to buy a Lamborghini and trash it with the blood of cyclists. I want to be picking gears out of my axle because I ran over someone riding a goddamn Huffy… My car is a weapon of mass destruction, and I’ll use it as such."

Barstool Sports even sold t-shirts that said "don't look for cyclists" to commemorate the event. [4]


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