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Fauna (FaunaDB)

Fauna (FaunaDB)

Fauna, or FaunaDB, is a modern, adaptive operational database.

Fauna was created by the team that scaled Twitter by building its in-house databases and systems.

In FaunaDB, traditional joins, constraints, indexes, and views are transparently combined with temporal structures.

FaunaDB maintains an implicit history of every piece of data.

Developers can use time-slice queries to easily build activity feeds, manage data retention, and sync changes with other systems.



    Adaptive scale

    Dynamically apportion database resources among teams, projects, or divisions based on business priorities.



    Replicate datasets across global data centers for a reliable local real-time experience and control over geographical data sharing.


    Flexible deployment

    Grows with the enterprise's development lifecycle by supporting cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployments.


    ACID consistency

    Enables applications to execute business-critical transactions in the context of real-time end user experiences.


    Developer productivity

    Interact with the system via a simple, unified query model that transparently supports relational, document, graph, and temporal data models in a single call.


    Built-in security

    Facilitates governing data with built-in security, from granular access control to encryption.


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    Oct 1, 2016, 12:20 AM