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Father (Rapper)

Father (Rapper)

Father is an American rapper that hails from Atlanta. He is known for his slump style and trippy melodies. He and his crew are organized as Awful Records. Father is the CEO. [6]


Father entered Georgia State University pursuing a degree in Chemistry and intending to become a Pharmacist. He credits college for helping him lay the groundwork for his label, Awful Records. Upon becoming involved in the nightlife of Atlanta, Father dropped out of school to pursue music full-time. [6]


"Father" is derived from a longer version of his name, Father's Liquor Cabinet.

His persona and style are inspired by 90's cartoons and credits their own Psychedelic origins. [6] When he was younger, Batman was his favorite comic book hero. [5]

Father is known for the erotic content of his lyrics, which has gained him legions of females fans.

He has said that he attempts to sexually liberate his listeners and wanted to contrast himself to the Trap music that has come out of Atlanta. [6]

Father’s music has always been described as flippant and he often covers bleak topics with black humor. Pitchfork contributor Briana Young wrote, "That was part of the draw: He absorbed bleak topics like police brutality, selling drugs, and gun violence and warped them into shrug-worthy fodder with his alluring black humor. The nasal monotone of his flow is so blithe and dry that everything, no matter how weighty, sounds as casual as eating dinner."[35]

Father achieved mainstream success with his single "Look at Wrist," but says that he does not chase hits and would rather focus on making quality music that is timeless.


A major influence on Father's music has been Big L. [12]

In September 2018, Father realeased the new album, "Awful Swim," consisting of 15 tracks.

According to music critic Briana Young, while Father maintains his acerbic style the album is more playful and braggadocious then his previous releases.

"Awful Swim is, by and large, a playful release.

As Father counts his money, collects women, and lobs threats to no one in particular, he genuinely sounds like he’s having a good time—inasmuch as his deadpan flow can suggest excitement.

It’s a further realized version of his subversive humor combined with some of the strongest production he’s had yet."


In October 2019, he released the new EP, "Hu$Band," consisting of 6 tracks.

On October 9, 2019, Father released the stop-motion video for a new track, "ICEMAN."[29]



Who's Gonna Get Fucked First ? (2015)


  1. Who's Gonna Get Fucked First ?

  2. Back In The "A" Freestyle / On Me

  3. Read Her Lips

  4. Gurl

  5. Slow Dance (interlude)

  6. Morena

  7. BET Uncut

  8. Spoil Your Rotten

  9. Vamp

  10. Highway 101

  11. Everybody In The Club Gettin' Shot

  12. Suicide Party

I'm A Piece Of Shit (2016)


  1. Why Don't U

  2. Lanes

  3. Slide Thru

  4. Big Emblem Benz

  5. Fuck Up The Sheraton

  6. Slow Dance 2

  7. Party On Me

  8. 2 Girl Fantasy 2

  9. Spit Or Swallow

  10. Up Still

  11. Y U Make It Hurt Like This

  12. Why Don't U (Bobby Raps & KCSB Remix)

Awful Swim (2018)


  1. Mirror, Mirror

  2. Boosie Fade

  3. Sephiroth

  4. We Had a Deal

  5. Throw It

  6. Private Show

  7. Thotnite

  8. Killa

  9. On One

  10. Passion & Dogma

  11. Only You

  12. Lotto

  13. Dragons

  14. She Used To

  15. Wine


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