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Fabio [ˈfaːbjo] is a given name descended from Latin Fabius and very popular in Italy and lBrazil (due to Italian migration). Its English equivalent is Fabian.

The name is written without an accent in Italian and Spanish, but is usually accented in Portuguese as Fábio (with the diminutive Fabinho or Fabiano). The presence or absence of the written accent does not affect pronunciation.

First name


  • Fabio (DJ), drum-and-bass DJ and producer from the UK

  • Fabio Armiliato (born 1956), Italian operatic tenor

  • Fábio Aurélio (born 1979), Brazilian footballer

  • Fábio Bahia (Fábio Júnior Nascimento Santana, born 1983), currently playing for Goiás

  • Fabio Bencivenga, Italian water polo player

  • Jud "Fabio" Birza, winner of Survivor: Nicaragua

  • Fabio Borini, Italian footballer

  • Fábio Camilo de Brito (Nenê, born 1975), currently playing for Coritiba Foot Ball Club

  • Fabio Cannavaro, former captain of the Italy national team

  • Fabio Capello, Italian manager of the Russian national team

  • Fábio Costa (born 1977), Brazilian footballer

  • Fábio Eduardo Cribari (born 1975), Brazilian footballer

  • Fabio Fogini (born 1987), Italian tennis player

  • Fábio Pereira da Cruz (born 1979), Brazilian footballer

  • Fabio Díez (born 1965), Argentinian-Spanish beach volleyball player

  • Fabio Duarte, Colombian track and road cyclist

  • Fabio Frizzi (born 1951), Italian film composer

  • Fabio De Gaspari (born 1966), Italian javelin thrower

  • Fabio Grosso, Italian footballer

  • Fabio Jaramillo, Colombian cyclist

  • Fábio Jr., a Brazilian singer and musician

  • Fábio Kolling (born 1985), Brazilian footballer


  • Fábio Lago, Brazilian actor

  • Fabio Lanzoni, Italian model/actor, generally known as simply Fabio

  • Fábio Lefundes, Brazilian football manager

  • Fabio Lione, vocalist of Rhapsody of Fire

  • Fábio Deivson Lopes Maciel (born 1980), currently playing for Cruzeiro

  • Fábio Luciano (born 1975), Brazilian footballer

  • Fábio Luiz Magalhães, Brazilian beach volleyball player

  • Fábio Freire Martins (born 1989), Brazilian footballer

  • Fabio Morábito (born 1955), Mexican poet

  • Fabio Ochoa Restrepo, Colombian businessman and patriarch of the Ochoa drug-trafficking family

  • Fabio Ochoa Vásquez, Colombian drug lord

  • Fabio Ongaro, Italian rugby player

  • Fábio Pereira da Silva, Brazilian footballer, twin brother of Rafael

  • Fabio Petruzzi (born 1970), Italian footballer

  • Fabio Pignatelli, bassist for the Italian progressive rock band Goblin

  • Fabio Quagliarella, Italian footballer

  • Fabio Rovazzi (born 1994), Italian rapper and actor

  • Fábio dos Santos (disambiguation)

  • Fábio José dos Santos (born 1973), Brazilian footballer

  • Fabio Semenzato, Italian rugby player

  • Fábio de Souza (footballer born 1975) (Fabinho), Brazilian footballer

  • Fabio Viviani (chef), placed fourth and earned the title of "fan favorite" in season 5 of Bravo reality show competition Top Chef

Last name

  • João Paulo di Fabio (born 1979), Italian-Brazilian football defender

  • José Fabio (born 1977), Paraguayan basketball player

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