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Everipedia's March Editing Challenge (2020)

Everipedia's March Editing Challenge (2020)

After the success of Everipedia's February Editing Challenge (2020), the Everipedia community has decided to start a new challenge for March which will allow editors to earn additional rewards for their work. [1]


  • The Everipedia team will be offering bonuses to editors who take part in the challenge and create content.

  • Editors who create 15 new high-quality pages will receive 2,500 IQ.

  • Editors who create 30 new high-quality pages will receive another 5,000 IQ.

  • Editors who create 60 new high-quality pages will receive another 7,500 IQ.

  • Editors who create 90+ new high-quality pages will receive another 10,000 IQ.

All accepted pages must be within the month of March 2020 March 1, 2020, 12:00 am PST, to March 31st, 2020, 11:59 PM, PST).


All pages must meet the following standards:

  • At least 500 characters in the page’s main body (~2 paragraphs or 150 words)

  • 1 high-resolution featured image (preferably 900x900)

  • At least 2 citations

  • Citations should link to the actual webpage where the information comes from rather than just the search results.

  • Ex. Webpage with the cited information [2] vs. Search results [3]

  • At least 2 infobox items

  • At least 2 internal links (i.e. two places where additional Everipedia pages are linked within the body of the text)

In addition, the pages must also be in alignment with Everipedia’s guidelines to be counted towards a submission.

That means no plagiarism.

Copy/pasted content must be rewritten.

The page cannot be about something that already has a Wikipedia page.

Entering the Challenge

To enter the challenge:

Add your name to this page and create your own section listing your name.

(An example is provided for you.)

If you plan on making ten or more pages, create a separate page containing a list of all the pages you've made, see this page for an example. After that, make sure to periodically check for feedback from Everipedia team members, William Goodwin (EwokABdevito) and Navin Vethanayagam, on how to make sure your pages meet the standards of the challenge.

Make sure all of your entries are added to the page you've created and linked to this page before the deadline of March 31st 2020 at 11:59 pm PST.

The submissions will be evaluated by the Everipedia team once a week and Editors who achieve the 15, 30, 60 and 90 page goals will receive their respective bonuses periodically throughout the month.

It is important to communicate with William Goodwin (EwokABdevito) about your rewards.

Page Ideas

Participants can make a page about a person, place, organization, product, concept, or really anything with citations.

Editors often make pages for local businesses, themselves, people they care about, or their favorite underground artists, among other topics.

If you're not sure where to get started we also have some lists you can work off of.

List of Golden Harvest productions



Ewok's March Pages

Obalola "talismancard"

Obalola's March Page

  1. Cowrywise

  2. Karen Mishra

  3. Shahriar Mostashari

  4. Maurissa Miller

  5. Kevin Nagy

  6. Sara Leak

  7. Katherine Lawrence

  8. Kevin O'Mara

  9. Patrick J. Larkin

  10. Scott Kelly

  11. Kenneth E. Jones

  12. Somer Johnson

  13. Yu-Mong Hsiao Yang

  14. Brian Henderson

  15. Nancy Hammersley

  16. Edward Fubara

  17. Richard T. Bowser

  18. Eugene Chianelli

  19. David Butler

  20. McNeil Chestnut

  21. Thomas Bowler

  22. Joseph Berry

  23. Tyler Britton

  24. David S. Baglia

  25. Liana DesHarnais Bruce

  26. Jerry M. Wallace

  27. John Roberson

  28. Mark L. Hammond

  29. Britt Davis

  30. J. Bradley Creed

  31. Sarah Wade

  32. Olivia L. Weeks

  33. Jane Moran

  34. Janice Haywood

  35. Larry G. Dickens

  36. Tony W Cartledge

  37. C. Lynn Brinkley

  38. Lydia H. Hoyle

  39. BTS - Bangtan Boys

  40. Alhaji Umar Dikko

  41. Louisa M. Ward

  42. Judy S. Tunstall

  43. Caitlyn R. Rogers

  44. Cora-Ann M. Licwinko

  45. Edward Cooke

  46. Ryan Brasseaux

  47. Jay Gitlin

  48. Garry D. Brewer

  49. David Cameron

  50. Jocelyn Letourneau

  51. Jacob Remes

  52. Prof. Saje M Mathieu

  53. Karen Marrero

  54. Richard Albert

  55. Jacqueline Gartner

  56. Stephen Hasselberg

  57. Michele Miller

  58. Alison Polasik

  59. Teresa Helmlinger Ratcliff

  60. Lee Rynearson

  61. Timothy Shenk

  62. Jason Jianchu Yao

  63. Nikki Hall

  64. Donna E. Waldron

  65. Damon Dean

  66. Martha S. Sutton

  67. Sherry Smith

  68. Paige D. Brown

  69. Betty Lynne W. Johnson

  70. Dennis N. Bazemore

  71. Faithe C. Beam

  72. Brian K. Foreman

  73. Christy R. Jordan

  74. Colin C. Kroll

  75. Cora-Ann M. Licwinko

  76. Caitlyn R. Rogers

  77. Judy S. Tunstall

  78. Louisa M. Ward

  79. Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk

  80. Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games)

  81. Calen Peterson

  82. Dr. Michele Miller

  83. Rodolfo Dirzo

  84. First Case of COVID-19 in Nigeria

  85. Itel Vision 1

  86. Jill Miller Williamson

  87. Martha S. Sutton

  88. Mark Steckbeck

  89. Jimmy E. Witherspoon

  90. Ronald Penny

  91. Richard Rubin

  92. LeJon Poole

  93. Matthew Roberts

  94. Michael Rodriguez


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Peace March Pages

Peace March pages


  1. Kristala L. Jones Prather

  2. Edward F. Crawley

  3. Luca Carlone

  4. Kerri Cahoy

  5. Richard P. Binzel

  6. Steven R.H. Barrett

  7. Hamsa Balakrishnan

  8. Devin Caughey

  9. Andrea Louise Campbell

  10. Don Blackmer

  11. Adam Berinsky

  12. Suzanne Berger

  13. Brian Paul Yu

  14. Erez Yoeli

  15. Beth Zielinski-Habershaw

  16. Kelly Zuromski

  17. Michael Agostino

  18. Roddrick Colvin

  19. Dr. Salvador Espinosa

  20. Dr. Jeffrey McIllwain

  21. Dr. Alan Mobley

  22. Dr. Dana Nurge

  23. Erin Scholes

  24. Tom Sayer

  25. Vinod Sasidharan

  26. Sandra Ponting

  27. Jess Ponting

  28. Jessica Travis

  29. Mark R. Testa

  30. Katherine Spilde

  31. Lori J. Sipe

  32. Mr. David Coddon

  33. Dr. Valerie E. Barker

  34. Gene Lamke

  35. KJ” LeCesne

  36. Renata Pawluk

  37. Jason Hemmens

  38. Jessy Dixon

  39. Candy Flynn

  40. Alana Dillette

  41. Crystal DeSoto

  42. Amy Cowden

  43. Dr. David Dozier

  44. Mr. Arthur C. Wimer

  45. Dr. Diane L. Borden

  46. Ms. Laura Castañeda

  47. Dr. Joel Davis

  48. Dr. Bernard J. Dodge

  49. Dr. Barbara Mueller

  50. Dr. Nathian Shae Rodriguez

  51. Dr. Arthur D. Santana

  52. Dr. Amy Schmitz Weiss

  53. Dr. Hongmei Shen

  54. Dr. Kaye Sweetser

  55. Mr. K. Tim Wulfemeyer

  56. Dr. Minjuan Wang

  57. Dr. Marcie Bober-Michel

  58. Kate Palese

  59. Jo-Anne Berelowitz

  60. Ann Woods

  61. Bridget Gilman

  62. Helen Shirk

  63. Sondra Sherman

  64. Kerianne Quick

  65. Adam John Manley

  66. Matt Hebert

  67. Mary Cale Wilson

  68. Richard Burkett

  69. Jeff Campbell

  70. Brian P. Blake

  71. Larry Beck

  72. Larry Samovar

  73. Dr. Edwin McDaniel

  74. Myron Lustig

  75. Susan Hellweg

  76. Kathleen Czech

  77. Peter Andersen

  78. Jan Andersen

  79. LaDrea Ingram

  80. Brian Spitzberg

  81. Luke Winslow

  82. Matthew Savage

  83. Dr. Rachael Record

  84. Colter Ray

  85. Mr. Michael Rapp

  86. Michael McHan

  87. Lourdes Martinez

  88. Charles Goehring

  89. Patricia Geist-Martin

  90. Katherine Spilde

  91. Kristala L. Jones Prather

  92. Edward F. Crawley


Favour's March pages


Athena Stassopoulou,

Ioannis Kyriakides,

Andreas S. Michaelides,

Stelios Neophytou,

Marios Nestoros,

Dona Hileti,

Kyriacos Felekkis,

Christoforos Giannaki,

Vicky Nicolaidou,

Eleni Andreou,

George Aphamis,

Demetris Trihinas,

Christos Papaneophytou,

Maria Noula,

Catherine D. Demoliou


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