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Everipedia's High Traffic Crypto Project (2020)

Everipedia's High Traffic Crypto Project (2020)

You can find the list of pages to improve at the bottom of the spreadsheet in a tab titled "Pages to be created"

You can find the list of pages to improve at the bottom of the spreadsheet in a tab titled "Pages to be created"

Everipedia's High Traffic Crypto Project ** (August 2020)** is a list of cryptocurrency-related topics for Everipedia pages which have high traffic potential (the potential to be read by thousands even millions.) Only pages found on this list will count towards the project (see the Pages to be Created sheet). [1]

Only editors who've been invited to the Top Editors group can participate in this project at this time.

If you don't know what that is, send William Goodwin (EwokABdevito) a message and he will explain how to prove yourself and get an invitation.

When you create a page make sure to visit the High Traffic Crypto Page Project Tracker and record your edits there.

You can only claim one page at a time.

Make sure to check the tracker and see if someone else is already editing the page.

This will help everyone keep track of their work and immediately know when a page has been approved.

It will also prevent duplicates and editing conflicts.

High Traffic Crypto Page Project Tracker link:


  • Date: Add the date the page was first created (not the date it was last edited)

  • Everipedia Page: Add the URL of the page you created here

  • Slug: Do not touch this!

  • It will be automatically filled out once you add the Everipedia Page URL

  • Page Title: Type out the title of the Page you’ve just added

  • Editor Name: Add your name here

  • Everipedia Profile: Add your profile page here.

  • EX: https://everipedia.org/profile/ewokabdevito

  • EOS Account: Add your 12 character EOS name.

  • Ewok Comment: This field is for EwokABdevito to leave comments if he wants

  • Navin Comment: This field is for Navin to leave comments if he wants

  • Reward Transaction: Once rewards are paid out, the transaction will be pasted here so users can confirm the payments.


All pages must have the following:

  • At least 1500 characters in the page’s main body (~6 paragraphs or 450 words)

  • At least 4 edits per page

  • Introduction should be at least 1 short paragraph or 150 words

  • At least three sections after the introduction : Ex. Early Life & Education, Career, and Personal Life

  • 1 high-resolution featured image (preferably at least 900x900)

  • Images cannot be blurry

  • At least three videos or images in the additional media section

  • At least 4 citations (This means that information from 4 or more links should be used in the page itself.

  • The 4 citations should be used in the article, every paragraph where information was learned from another source should have a citation to one of those 4 or more links.) Ex. See how in this page Steve Gold each paragraph is cited to the relevant links where the information was learned

  • Citations should link to the actual webpage where the information comes from rather than just the search results

  • At least 6 infobox items (if you can't find 6 infobox items, send EwokABdevito a message and we will help)

  • At least 1 category ex.

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • At least 10 internal links (i.e. two places where additional Everipedia pages are linked within the body of the text

  • Pages must be written in the editor’s own words or paraphrased and cannot be plagiarized .

  • The information on the page should be modified or summarized .

  • Information shouldn’t be copied and pasted and it shouldn’t look the exact same as the site you found the information on.

  • There should be no spelling and grammar mistakes (Important!

  • Use a free app like Grammarly, it's really helpful! Everyone on the team uses it!)

  • The subject of an article cannot have an existing Everipedia or Wikipedia page

Cryptocurrency Page Template

The following is a general outline that can be used when creating high quality cryptocurrency pages:

  • Title: The title should have the name of the token or platform if there is another page with the same title make sure the title is followed by the word "cryptocurrency" in parenthesis. Example, Cardano (cryptocurrency)
  • Intro sentence: Briefly explain what this cryptocurrency is/does. What chain does it belong to? Is there something especially notable about this specific cryptocurrency? What type of token is it?
  • Overview/Technology/Function: Explain in more detail what it does. Reiterate what’s been said in the intro, but elaborate more. What defines this cryptocurrency? When was it established? Try to gather all the essential general information into one place.
  • Team: Add any info you can find out. How many on the team? Where are they located? Does anyone have previous experience with other well-known projects? Who are the founders?
  • Tokenomic: The total supply? Did the company have an ICO? A private sale? Are they on any major exchanges? What is the value of the token? How is the token used in the protocol?
  • Partnerships: Does this token have a partnership with anyone?
  • Investors/Funding: Has anyone invested in the project? How did it get off the ground?


  • Ticker Symbol: (Example: Everipedia’s ticker symbol is IQ)
  • Date of launch: When did the project go live?
  • Founder(s): Who founded the project?
  • Consensus Mechanism: if there was one, example: EOS is Proof of Stake while Bitcoin is Proof of Work
  • Partnerships: Who have they partnered with?
  • Total Supply: How many tokens in total?
  • All time high: What date was the token at its highest?
  • All time low: What date was the token at its lowest?
  • Investors: Has anyone invested in the project?
  • Location: Where is the main headquarters located?

Anything else you can think of!

These should be as comprehensive as possible

Example Pages

This isn't a rigid template, feel free to add other sections if necessary.

Here are a few examples of good cryptocurrency related pages:

Cardano (cryptocurrency)


Citation Linkdocs.google.com
Aug 14, 2020, 10:44 PM
Citation Linkywqaugeunhowzrcj.public.blob.vercel-storage.comYou can find the list of pages to improve at the bottom of the spreadsheet in a tab titled "Pages to be created"
Aug 14, 2020, 11:48 PM