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Evelyn Cheng

Evelyn Cheng

Evelyn G. Cheng is a reporter at CNBC. Her interests lie within the business and finance industries, particularly in relation to the U.S. and Chinese markets.


Cheng holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism, Urban Design and Architecture from New York University. While at NYU, Cheng was Editor-in-Chief of Generasian, NYU's website about the Asian-American experience. She also received the Edwin Diamond Undergraduate Award, presented to the top undergraduate journalism student at NYU, and a winner of the Roy W. Howard National Collegiate Reporting Competition. [1]


New York Times & Metro

During her junior year of college, Cheng interned for the New York Times' editorial research team at the Shanghai bureau. In her following semester, she was an editorial intern for Metro International.

During her senior year, she interned for CNBC, which eventually led to a full-time position.


Evelyn Cheng is currently a staff writer at CNBC and covers daily U.S. market moves and broader market trends across both the United States and China. [1]


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