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Eve Dubois

Eve Dubois

Eve Dubois is a Canadian woman from Loretteville, Quebec City. She appeared as a contestant on Family Feud Canada in Janaury 2020. [1] [2]


Family Feud Canada

On Thursday January 9, 2020, Dubois was up against the Tomlin family on Family Feud Canada and was told by host Gerry Dee there was only one answer to the following question. [3]

Whoever got the answer right would go on to play for $10,000.

“Here we go,” said Dee.

“Name Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen favorite food.” Eve slammed the buzzer first.[3]

“Chicken,” she blurted out before doing a dance to celebrate what she thought was the correct answer.

The other family immediately buzzed in with the correct response, spinach.

A clip of Dubois' answer was shared widely on social media as a meme. [4]

The restaurant chain later reached out to Dubois on Twitter, offering her $10,000 worth of fried chicken. [8] She has also received calls from the media in the United States and Canada. [8]

Personal Life

She is the daughter of Stephanie Dubois.



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