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Evan (Sandy Hook Promise PSA)

Evan (Sandy Hook Promise PSA)

Evan is a Public service announcement created by the Sandy Hook Promise to raise awareness of the signs of a potential shooter. [0]

The song playing in the background is 'Johnny Met June' by Shelby Lynne. [3]


Evan is a student at a High school who starts communicating to an anonymous Pen-pal through wood table carvings. From the hallways to the cafeteria to Instagram, the video follows Evan as he tries to figure out who is mysterious pen-pal is. The write back and forth to each other until they finally meet at the end of the school year in the gymnasium. As they begin to have their first conversation together knowing who they are, an unnamed student walks into the building with an AK-47 ready to shoot at unsuspecting victims. [0]

The next scene shows the slide "While you were watching Evan, another student was showing the signs of planning a shooting...But no one noticed."

The video replays but this time highlights the unnamed student as he displayed warning signals such as interest in guns, being bullied at school, and general alienation.

The video ends with the words "Gun violence is preventable if you notice the signs."



The video was posted on the Fox 32 Facebook Page on December 3rd and has garnered 11 million views and over 260,000 shares in 24 hours. [2]

Critics have called the video gun control propaganda and have bashed the video for being overdramatic.


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