Evan Klinger

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Evan Klinger is an Apple software engineer, based in Santa Clara, CA.

Klinger was in the news in June 2017 for yelling racist

People on Twitter sharing information about Evan and where to find his twitter account.

expletives at an Asian woman bicyclist in traffic, calling her a " Cambodian Nigger Bitch ". [1]

Personal Life

Evan lives in the city of Santa Clara, California. He has lived and worked in the Silicon Valley part of the Bay area for several years. [2]

He drives a Nissan. The license plate number is 7AVT301. [3]

Racist Comments

During the late afternoon of Thursday, June 28th, 2017, a cyclist by the name of Paula Nuguid traveled with her 9 year-old daughter who was also on a bicycle, south of Frances

Moments when Nuguid confronts Evan about calling her a bitch.

St., in downtown Sunnyvale, California, when Evan suddenly began honking at her. The mother and daughter were trying to make a legal left turn into a parking lot where Frances St, and Olsen St. intersection. [4]

Evan began honking at her because he claims that she made an illegal left turn. In fact, she was traveling east in the bike lane on Evelyn Ave and the light was green as she turned. As she signaled left to turn and waited for oncoming traffic to pass, Evan began berating her from inside of his Nissan and called her a "Bitch" several times. He also honked at her and pressured her to get off the lane. Paula was attempting to make the turn according to how Department of Motor Vehicles recommends. [5]

Nuguid heard Evan calling her a bitch so she gets off the bike and begins recording Evan and the confrontation. She gets the number of his license plate number and as she walks closer to the driver side, she calls Evan an "Entitled white prick... get the fuck out California, I can tell you're not from here!" Evan then responds with "Shut the fuck. Get out here, I totally live here. Get out of here you Cambodian Nigger Bitch". [6]

Image of the DMV rule of how to make the left turn as a cyclist.

When Nuguid tells Evan that the footage will appear on Facebook, Evan jumps excitedly inside of his car with a hint of cynicism and yells, "Awesome! awesome!" [7]

Evan has since taken down the majority of his Social media accounts since the incident while users have been harassing Nuguid since she began sharing the video on her facebook. [8] Nuguid provided screenshots of the messages she has received with another resident of Silicon Valley saying, "hi bitch funny I am in Sunnyvale too, see you around". [9]

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