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Evalyce Santiago

Evalyce Santiago

Evalyce Santiago was a teenager who was found shot dead inside of a vehicle that had crashed into a utility Pole.

Personal Life And Activities

Selfie of Evalyce Santiago.

Selfie of Evalyce Santiago.

Born and raised in the state of Connecticut, she lived in the town of Waterbury for most of her upbringing with her family. [1] She attended both Crosby High School and Wilby High School.

Car Accident

On the late night of December 4th, 2017, Evalyce Santiago crashed into a utility pole and was found with gunshot wounds that led to her death.

Several days after her death, investigators determined that her boyfriend of 27 years old, Dominique Pittman, had been inside of the car at the moment of the crash and speculate that he's the one who shot Santiago. The gunshots that she received led to the car crash.

Pittman has been arrested and is being held on a $ 1 Million bail.


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