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Eugene Luzgin

Eugene Luzgin

Eugene Luzgin is a Senior Software Engineer, Technology Executive, and Functional Architect based in Salt Lake City. He is the Co-Founder of EOS Tribe.


Early Life and Education

Eugene Luzgin is originally from Vladivostok, Russia, [1] where he graduated with Master degree in Theoretical Physics from Far Eastern Federal University. Later after moving to US, Eugene completed MS in Computer Science from San Francisco State, and recently earned his MBA from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.


Eugene Luzgin presentation March 29th Seattle EOS meetup

Eugene Luzgin presentation March 29th Seattle EOS meetup

Early in his career, Eugene started with web design company working on multiple projects including Virtual city guide.

After moving to San Francisco Bay Area Eugene worked as a software engineer for ATP company, then as a Senior Software Engineer for Oracle, and Senior Software Engineer at Guidewire Software.

After moving back to Moscow in 2008, he worked as Project Manager for Deutsche Bank working in their Moscow and Frankfurt offices. Two years later, he moved back to California to become a first CTO of Artsy, a startup in online art space. Eugene helped to bring Artsy from an idea to a fully funded company that later moved to New York.

Eugene moved to Utah in 2011 to become the Senior Software Engineer at Overstock. From 2012 to 2017, Luzgin was the Senior Software Lead at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. He left the Fed in 2017 to become the Functional Architect of the Consensus Corporation.

He then left his job at Consensus to start Block Producer candidate EOS Tribe company with the help of Steve Floyd. Previously Eugene was an active member of EOS community helping to organize EOS SLC Meetup and run early EOS Testnets including Superheroes, EOSNet Testnet, Arrowhead and Trinity networks.

Eugene later became one of the core members of Ghostbusters team of technical BPs who were instrumental in developing framework for secure launch of the EOS Mainnet.

Eugene continues to run EOS Tribe Block Producer supporting multiple EOSIO blockchains as well as joining affiliated Kibisis company based in Switzerland, which launches a universal iPhone wallet "Torus'.

Eugene continues to contribute and develop new technology for EOS Blockchain ecosystem.


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