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Ethan Renoe

Ethan Renoe

Ethan Renoe is a personal trainer, writer, and devout follower of Jesus Christ.


In December 2015, Ethan went viral on the internet after a video of him surfaced where he was interviewed by

a reporter running in the cold and rainy weather in the windy city of Chicago, IL without his shirt and only wearing shorts.


On his personal blog he writes about his travels and poems he says come from inspired by Jesus Christ.


He graduated Moody Bible Institute and resides in Colorado.

"Ethan the Shirtless Wonder" is what he has been dubbed by many women hollering at him via his social networks.

He is single.


Citation Linktmz.comEthan is a 24 year old virgin and has been single since 2008.
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Citation Linkpeople.comHe has received marriage proposals he says in this article.
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Citation Linkinstagram.comEthan's Instagram, as of December 2015 he has a following of 2464.
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Citation Linkdailymail.co.ukHe gives free prayers outside gay bars.
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