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Ethan Sturock

Ethan Sturock

Ethan Sturock (born 12th August 1998) is an LA-Based Electronic Music Producer and Beat Maker born in Mumbai, India and raised in USA.[1]


In 2019, Ethan Sturock was listening to a song by American DJ Marshmello and reached out to him to find out how he produced his music.

He was inspired by EDM Producers Marshmello and Alan Walker.

He started producing his music on his laptop using FL studio and Logic Pro. In 2020, with the help and support from his girlfriend Elli Comstock and his online friends, he began pursing his music production career and began posting his music on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, etc.[2]

Early Life

Ethan found an early interest in drawings and paintings.

He initially had no musical background; however, he later taught himself by watching tutorials on YouTube based on music production.[3]

Personal Life

Ethan Sturock was born in Mumbai, India and raised in Los Angeles, California.

He has 2 older sisters and 1 elder brother.


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