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Ethan Barhydt

Ethan Barhydt

Ethan Barhydt is an American Entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. He is the co-founder of VoiceOps. Ethan was chosen for the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018 for the Enterprise Technology category.

Early Life and Education

Ethan is originally from Deerfield, Illinois. He attended Harvard University where he studied government and politics. While a student, Ethan founded two startups, Jungol and Valti, and raised $70,000 from angel investors. Ethan completed his studies in 2014.


During college, Ethan was a Fellow at the Chicago's Mayor's Account and Director of the Harvard College Consulting Group.

In January 2015, Ethan founded ResearchFoward a platform that connects practitioners with frontier research in economics that typically isn't easily accessible to the public for 2-8 years after being written, slowing down the pace of putting research into practice.

Ethan taught Mixpanel analytics as an Associate Education Producer at General Assembly.

In March 2016 alongside Daria Evdokimova,they co-founded VoiceOps, an AI conversation analysis platform for sales and support teams. [1]


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