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Erika Butner

Erika Butner

Erika Butner is a former U.S. Marine and one among dozens of women who decided to come forward after explicit nude photos and personal information were leaked in a Facebook group called Marines United. [1]


During the press conference where she said that she was not going to back down and be fearful of what the military would do to her for coming forward as one of the victims of the Marines online harassment, she disclosed that she is also a rape survivor.

Erika has tattoos on her arms, one of which says, "Die rebel scum".

Nude Photos Scandal & Sexual Harassment

On March 6th, 2017, it was revealed that male U.S. marines were leaking nude and inappropriate photos in a Facebook group called, Marines United, consisting of purely men who made lewd and misogynist commentary regarding their fellow female compatriots. [3]

Hundreds of Marines are reportedly under investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, after a trove of photographs were shared online that show female service members and veterans in the nude.

The images were spread via a closed Facebook group with thousands of members.


According to War Horse founder Thomas James Brennan, many of the photos on the Marines United page included personal information about the female service members, from their name, rank and duty station to the names of their social media accounts.


The Facebook page also included links to a Google Drive with even more images — and an invitation to any members to contribute photos.

The images were obtained in a variety of ways, Brennan reports, from sharing by former partners to stalking and, potentially, the hacking of service members' personal accounts.

General Robert Neller has addressed congress concerning the issue and has declared that he will be fully involved in the investigation. He asked for the women to trust them as they uncover the truth of online harassment by fellow Marines. [0]


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