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Erik Torenberg

Erik Torenberg

Erik Torenberg is an American Investor and Entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. He is the Co-Founder and Partner of Village Global.

Early Life and Education

Torenberg is originally from Cresskill, NJ. He attended the University of Michigan and graduated with a degree in Economics and English Literature.


Torenberg worked in Business Development for Direct Brands where he participated in making a social network for books.

In 2009, he created a training curriculum for basketball players at the IMG Academy.

Working at Seelio in Product Marketing, Erik attempted to make a better way for colleges and recruiters to evaluate students.

In 2011, Erik became co-founder and CEO of rapt.fm, a bi-directional video platform for rap battles, cyphers, and performances.

In May 2014, Erik became the first employee and was on the founding team of Product Hunt which became a Y Combinator backed company. During his time their, Erik helped build the Product Hunt community and hosted the Product Hunt podcast. Erik left Product Hunt in July 2016. In September 2015, Erik founded On Deck, an online community of engineers, entrepreneur, an startup participants that discusses and debates technological developments. Torenberg Co-Founded Village Global in June 2017, an early stage venture fund capital fund that operates as a "network" rather than a Traditional VC.


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Citation Linkwww.itunes.apple.comErik's podcast - "Maker Stories" - is the official Product Hunt podcast.Since the whole point of Product Hunt is to draw attention to successful makers, the podcast is a very important part of the whole ballgame.
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