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Eric Fensler

Eric Fensler

Eric Fensler is an American Filmmaker, Writer, and Electronic Musician known for being the creator of the GI Joe PSAs parodies through Fenslerfilm. [undefined]

Early Life

Eric was born and raised in the city of Chicago, Illinois. [undefined] [undefined] Growing up as a teenager in the 90s, he is a devoted and passionate fan of Chicago-based professional sports teams, starting with the Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan era. He is also a follower of the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs. [undefined]

He also developed an appreciation for Sci Fi at a young age. [undefined]


Electronic Music

Since 1997, Eric has been collaborating with Jay Rajeck in an Electronic band called TRS-80 where he uses synthesizers. [undefined]


In the early 2000s, he began making videos that were mostly seen in theaters and art galleries.

In 2003, after showing his friends the first edit and rendition of a Gi Joe PSA, the reaction was fruitful enough to continue the project. [undefined] [undefined]

To learn more about the internet phenomenon created by Eric, see:

Eric has been a frequent collaborator for Adult Swim, where he worked on several segments including SEALAB 2021.

[undefined] Shortly after he became one of the main writers and collaborator for the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! He collaborated in more than 47 episodes and has also taken part of their live tour. [undefined]

Personal Life

Eric lives with his family in Portland, Oregon. [1] He remains a member of TRS-80 and tours frequently to deliver live shows. [undefined]

Although he loves the city of Chicago, he prefers the west coast and Los Angeles, California in particular for its pace in the process of filmmaking. [undefined]


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