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Eric Chemi

Eric Chemi

Eric Chemi is an American journalist based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. He is a sports Business reporter for CNBC. [1]



Eric Chemi joined CNBC in December 2014. He also covers consumer-driven stories. In 2017, Chemi reported extensively on national anthem protests by National Football League Players, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's investigation into bribery in College basketball. In 2015 he covered the controversy about daily fantasy sports and their legality. [1]

He began his CNBC career as a senior editor-at-large, focusing on data-driven stories across all industries and sectors.

Prior to CNBC, he worked at Bloomberg TV and Businessweek as head of data and research. Before that, he worked as a hedge fund trader at Fortress Investment Group and as a proprietary trader at JPMorgan. [1]


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